Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Brightest Day

Hello first day of Summer! I'm always tempted to say it's the longest day but it's still only 24 hours. However, it is a day when it seems as if the sun will go on forever.  It was a perfect Summer day here. The temps were in the upper 70's and low humidity. Blue skies and sunshine.  I got the last of my flowers planted and a few weeds pulled.   I was glad to have the day off and get some simple things sitting on the deck and reading a new magazine..oh, and taking a nap in the afternoon!  Yep, perfect.  Hope your first day of Summer was good!   I have only a couple of pics to share tonight.
I made a keylime pie last week.  I squeezed the keylimes myself!  Light and refreshing and a good Summer dessert.
I found this cute canvas painting depicting all the things that spell out Summer.   As the sign says: Simple Pleasures.   Hopefully all things listed will be on your  "to do list" !  Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017

This special day to honor fathers has been nice for our family today.  We had 3 out of the 4 boys here for lunch and some good phone conversation with Craig in Oregon.  We sure wish we could have them all together but those days are probably few and far between.  However, we enjoy every minute with them when we gather together. I've been blessed to know many wonderful fathers, starting with my own:
Happy Father's Day Dad...sure miss you and think of you daily.  You raised 6 kids and my 4 brothers turned out to be wonderful Fathers and now Grandfathers. You passed away way to  young but gave the special gift of being a responsible, loving, caring, and hardworking Dad on to my brothers.  You did good! Thanks for everything and when we see those butterflies..we know you're there!  Next is Jack's dad that welcomed me in the family.
I know Jack learned so much from him as well as following in his footsteps in his career. Many fond memories of him always being willing to come and help with any project that needed done.  I would smile when he would show up after the office to help Jack with something at our house and he'd have on his sport coat, white shirt and tie and don coveralls over it.  We called him the executive plumber/carpenter/handyman!
My hubby Jack who helped me raise 4 crazy kiddos over the past 43yrs.   Hardworking, loving and fun and an active participant in their lives then and now.   Seeing how these young men have turned out and how they act with their kids is a good testament of the example he set.
Our oldest, Jack III, is a loving Dad to his 2 daughters and 2 step-daughters.
As well as a great Dad to these 2 monkeys!
Our son Craig is a fabulous Dad to his 3 kiddos.  He never seems to lose his cool! Fun Dad!
Phil was born to be a Dad and shows such love and tender care to these 2 little ladies!
Jordan isn't a Dad and swears he won't have any kids...and that's OK because he's a good Uncle and a good, hardworking man.  We all love him!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  If you're a Dad I wish you a Happy Father's Day.  I hope you took time to visit your Dad if you're lucky enough to still have him in your life or gave a wonderful thought of him if he's passed away.   We need good, strong men to be good, strong Fathers in today's world.  Sometimes it seems as if society wants to minimize the importance of those men in our lives.  I just don't know where I'd be without the guidance of my Dad and maybe the world would be better if we all had a Dad who was a real hero in our lives.  Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Not Again!

I was going to title this post "Oops I did it again" but I think I've already used it!  This time I'm referring to something that happened to me about 3 summers ago.  I was bit by a spider and had a bad reaction.  Well, over the weekend I got bit by something again...and again got a bad reaction.. much worse than the first time.
Lovely, I know.  I thought it was just a mosquito bite gone bad but the swelling, pain, fever, dizzy spells and general flu like feeling told me I was wrongo!  I went to work on Monday feeling pretty lousy but hey, I work in a hospital and where better to get advice than there?  I worked all day and then went to see a man about a bite.  He said this was the second case that looked like this in the past 2 weeks.  3 prescriptions later I went home and crashed.  Thankfully Tuesday had me up and feeling much better and off to work again.  The concern for the leg was also the fact I have a total joint replacement in that knee so stopping an infection is crucial.  I had today off and everything is looking better, not worse so I'm happy about that!  I got up early and mowed the yard because it would be baling hay if I waited any longer!
The sun was peaking through the trees in the back...pretty start to the day.
I like the stakes that Jack picked out for the tomato curly and cute! He says he didn't pick them for the cute factor but the practical one of helping them grow...silly boy, he knows I'm a sucker for cute!
The blueberries are getting bigger and soon will be bluer...I hope, if the birds don't beat us to them!
I thought this little tea rose plant didn't make it through the winter, but low and behold it appeared today all sunny and bright...welcome back!
Since my first pic was so gross I'll end with this find from over the weekend.  My Mom and Sis and I went to my favorite stomping grounds..the Parsley Pot...for some cute stuff that smells good.  I found this canvas picture with fireflies that light up.  Yep, I'm a sucker for cute.  Saturday night Midge and I were on the deck and we spied the first real fireflies of the season. I guess we could have reenacted our childhood by running out there to catch them...but I'll settle for a close facsimile instead.  Hope Summer is coming to your neck of the woods but remember to wear bug spray and long pants if you're actually in a woods!  Trust me on that!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Party On!

June is flying by and it doesn't give a hoot that I'm running at full speed to keep up! Work has been up and down and getting the yard and garden ready is also a full time job! But somehow Jack and I manage to "get'r done!"  To add to the hustle and bustle we took time to celebrate with my oldest son, Jack, and his lovely bride Evelyn,  at an outdoor reception.  You can tell it wasn't hosted by us because the weather was perfect! Even though the temps were in the 80's the place was on a small lake and the breeze and shade made it so comfortable.  The folks that own the property are friends of Jack and Evelyn and the wife works with them at the hospital.  They tap trees for maple syrup and it's just a beautiful place!
This was the area with a tent and outdoor games.  Very relaxed and fun time for everyone, even little kiddos.
The lake was gorgeous!
I think Cameron would have loved to jump in!

I was so happy my Mom and my sister made it from Chicago. Mom did really great!
She was so pleased to see Phil and Jordan.
Hugs for the happy couple.
Now this is a motley crew!
The wedding cake was beautiful and delicious but there was another cake...
Evelyn's birthday was yesterday too and this was her cake!
The table decorations were so cute and these little jars of jam had a little note on the top that said "Spread the love"...inspired by a 94 yr old gentleman who retired from Smucker's.  He gave Jackie the idea. Jackie takes out his garbage every week and Evelyn cleans his home for him. He couldn't make it yesterday but I sure loved his idea! Just as a side note, Smuckers is made in Orrville, Ohio, not too far from  here!
This was the entrance to the pretty!
We wish you a very "Happily Ever After"

Congrats you two! Love you!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank You

Many are celebrating this Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  I hope that sometime during this day time was taken to think about and thank those that have served our wonderful country and given the ultimate sacrifice.  I know I'm so grateful to those in my family and friends of ours who have served and thankfully returned home.  It's the heroes left on the battlefields in all the wars that we celebrate and honor today.   The cemeteries have been decorated and I will stop this week and see the area where many Civil War soldiers are buried in Ashland. A generous donor paid to have it cleaned up and refurbished.   Jack and I went downtown this morning for the annual parade.   Small towns all around us were also having parades...wish I could have seen them all!  Here's just a few snippets from our town.
The downtown area has been going through a revitalization and the past few years the flowers have been donated to make the streets really pretty. I love this year's selection! 
People were starting to line up to watch the parade.
Amazingly an announcement was made to remind folks to remove their hats and put their hands over their hearts when the flag passes.  I can't believe people don't know that!  There was even a sign preceding the parade....Hats Off!
Two war veterans meeting for the first time.  Our friend Greg (on the left) fought in Vietnam, and our new friend (we think his name is Ben...sorry if I've messed that up!) fought in Korea.  Thanks so much guys!
Our son Phil is the manager of the Safetlite store in Mansfield and he decorated one of the vans and joined the parade this morning.  Good job Phil!
Our Granddaughter Addy and her sister Lexi helped pass out goodies on the parade route for Safelite.  Lex was on the other side of the street so I couldn't get her pic.  They had a good time!
After the parade it was time to head home and do some outdoor stuff.   The deck is ready and waiting for some visitors!
Jack was up early this morning and planted a new apple tree. 
Never heard of this kind so we'll just have to wait a few years to try it out!
We've got some on the other tree!  It's been about 3 years since we planted this Jonagold and I'm looking forward to a little crop.
I'm going to end with a pic of my peony bushes.  2 are fairly large with a smaller one that hopefully will grow like the others.  We always had peonies when I was growing up and they always bloomed around Memorial day.    I planted these to remind me of home and the end of this month that kicks off the beginning of the Summer season.   Hope your weekend was special  and that we never forget those that we honor on this day.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How It's Done Now

Family...the word means many things doesn't it?  Family in the old days meant Mom and Dad and kiddos...or maybe just a "you and me".   In the here and now the word "family" encompasses many aspects of living as a "unit".   Single parents, gay parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, adoptive parents, friends that gather for dinner on a regular basis....however you want to use the word family it's OK because in the end the real meaning is "LOVE".   Last week our Granddaughter, Summer, called and asked it she could celebrate her birthday at the Pines.  She said it would be her and her boyfriend, her Dad and Evelyn, her Mom and Brian, (her Mom's boyfriend), her other Grandparents, and her siblings.  Of course I said yes and we discussed the menu and who would bring what for the party.  Later she called and asked if it would be OK if her Great-Grandparents could come too.  You bet!  Unfortunately, they weren't able to make it. Shout outs went to the uncles also.   I always hoped my kids would not have to go through a divorce.  But life happens.  Change is part of that and today we all gathered to celebrate a birthday of  one of the sweetest young ladies around.  Summer has the perfect name because she's always happy, full of life, and brings sunshine every time she walks into a room.  It was a lovely afternoon full of all the good things about family life.  I can look back on my life and like most people know I've made mistakes along the way.  But looking at the happy faces of family gathered to celebrate together, it's proof that many good things happened along the way too.
She was crowned princess for the day with her constant companion "Happy"!
19yrs young!  Her other Grandma made the wonderful cake!
We hope all her wished come true.
All the chairs were filled with family and friends.
Summer, her sister, Driana, and her other Grandma, Kay.
All her sibs and Happy.
PawPaw and this pic!
Chubbs was there enjoying all the attention from Phil and Jack.
We love you sweetie!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Before this day is over I'd like to wish every Mom out there a Happy Mother's Day. Maybe your Momma isn't with you anymore.  I hope you have wonderful memories to think back on.  I would like to tell my Mom how much I love her and how thankful I am for her and all she's done for me in my life.  She's the best in the world!  I know you're thinking that your Mom is the best and you'd be right!  That's how I wish everyone could feel about their Mom today.  I also need to say how much I loved my Mother-in-law.  Jack's Mom and I were good buddies and partner's in crime...the lawful kind!  We shopped and gardened and laughed over many escapades in that Volkswagen Van! She was a Southern lady who like nothing better than to sit and "yak" with you about all kinds of subjects.  I miss her as I know Jack does, especially on this special day.   My day started out early with a call to do a c-section.  I wasn't thrilled to be there at 7am but after seeing the Mom, Dad and baby I thought that perhaps this was what Mother's Day is about and I remembered that I had a Mother's day kiddo too!  Our next patient was an elderly lady who fell while talking with her son on the phone and broke her hip.  I know she wasn't crazy about being in the hospital today either!  So I'm grateful I came home and had a beautiful weather day with Jack and 3 of my sons.  I just got done talking with my son who lives in Oregon and I sure do miss him!  Happy Mother's Day to my Daughters in-law, Amy and guys are awesome! Here are some of the Mom's I love:
Me and Mommo 43 years ago this year! She made my wedding dress..she's so talented! My Granddaughter Summer wants to wear it when she marries one day.  That would be so cool!
Mom today...Wednesday she'll be 91!
Jack's folks,..Mom loved her dogs!  We miss you.
My Daughter-in-law Amy!
My Daughter-in-law Evelyn (with her daughter Megan)  Happy Mother's Day everyone!